Welcome to the site. Here you will find over 1,850 images of items contained in my collection of IU football memorabilia.

The collection includes items dating from 1886 to the present, and is a paper collection, consisting mainly of game programs and tickets, along with some other items of memorabilia. You will see the progression of game program covers from the art deco programs of the 1920s and 1930s, to the cover drawings of famous sports artists like Lon Keller and Larry Tisdale in the 1940s and 1950s, to the beginning of modern photography in the 1960s. An excellent overview of football program art is offered by the Bentley Historical Society at the University of Michigan.

No collection of IU football memorabilia would be complete without the inclusion of Arbutus yearbooks. These yearbooks offer photos of teams, coaches, players and game action that cannot be found anywhere else. In the early days of Indiana football, little data of games existed, and the Arbutus was considered the final authority regarding historical data from this era.

A note about collecting college football programs. Programs from the 1930s are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Obtaining programs from the 1920s is considered by most collectors to be rare, or at least semi-rare. Pre-1920 programs are extremely difficult to find. In some instances, few programs from a game still exist. Those that exist rarely come on the market. Those that do come on the market are highly sought after.

[Sample Program]

Indiana University traces its origin in football to 1884, when the campus newspaper noted that discussions of forming a team were taking place. The first recorded game was played in 1887, and IU recorded its first victory in 1891. From those times until these, thousands of players and hundreds of coaches have worn the cream and crimson on the football fields of battle.

It is hoped that this site, through the imagery of game program covers, tickets, photography, and other memorabilia, will allow the visitor to recall the history of Indiana University football.


The mouseover images above depict the 1886 Hoosiers (white) and the 1906 Hoosiers (black).

Please note that this site gratefully displays photos provided courtesy of Indiana University/Arbutus. These photos are for visual presentation on this site only, and cannot be downloaded or further used for either personal or commercial purposes.

Selected framed posters of Indiana University game day programs are available for sale at Historic Football Posters. Vintage Indiana University football calendars and note cards are available at Asgard Press.

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